A little about me

I have been making Youtube videos about random things since 2010. Recently in the last year I have found my love in art and everything related. Art is something that I have been playing with since the age of 5, everyone who has had a decent childhood must have had an interaction with this mystical object called pencil. Actually during most of my childhood I really hated art when the teachers used to tell me to draw something I would be like "ok..." and then I would just draw what they said but nothing extra. No creativity for little CT! But the shift has been so fast that I honestly don't know when it happened or why... But I'm grateful that it did. So that's a snapshot about me, if you want to know more about me or my art journey then go to the contact tab and drop me an email.

My Art

Hey guys, on the left you will see a snapshot of my history and on the page before you can see some of my memorable art pieces!